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ICAO English Proficiency - Test & Standards (ILPT)

Personal Tips on how you can prepare yourself a little bit for the Introduction Part**:


Since the Introduction is oftentimes about yourself (a warm-up)  and your career to the day of the test (date), it would certainly not be a bad idea to prepare some sentences in your mind

(or write them down beforehand) that you would like to use, or at least think about what you want to say.

For example, you could say something about your Flight Training.


Just some basic things like …


Personal Intro:


My name is …. / I’m … years old / I’m from…. /I'm originally from...  / I’m a Pilot and …. (completed my Flight Training in/at ... ) / I hold a ... Pilot Certificate. / I finished off with ...


Instead of starting every sentence with ' I am ' you could combine some info into one sentence as follows: I'm (name) from... I completed my Flight in ... and hold a ... Pilot License today





About your career:

I’m currently in training to become a Commercial Pilot /ATP …


‘My Flight Training took place in …’ / ‘I attended a Flight School in/near …’

‘Most of my Flight Training took place in … ‘

A few months ago I accomplished my Flight Training / I finally reached my goal …

‘My training airplane was/is … ‘ / ‘My favorite airplane to date  is …’

‘Today I fly for… / Now, I’m a pilot at ….



If you like to talk about two things from the past and want to put it in one sentence instead of two, you can use a combination of Past Perfect & Simple Past - just in case you care. ;-)  To keep it simple, here is an example:

 ‘First I did my PPL. Then I did my Instrument Rating.’ <> 2 Simple Past sentences

In order to raise your grammar and/or improve your language skills a little, you could also say this as follows…


‘After I had finished my PPL I started with my Instrument Rating.’


Of course, you could apply this grammar for other things you would like to tell the someone/examiner(s). If you are not sure about the grammar just keep it simple. 

If you want to know more about this grammatical topic check out my...
>>> English-Language Website <<<



The book I used to refresh on vocabulary and prepare in general 


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a look inside the book!

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