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Pitot-Static System

& Components


Components of the Pitot-Static System:


The Pitot-Static system is responsible for three (3) Instruments (Airspeed Indicator (ASI), Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI), Altimeter (ALT)) which all rely on pressure changes or differences resulting from two (2) different inlets >
Pitot-Tube & Static Ports :


The Pitot-Tube is ONLY connected to the ASI. Airflow changes within the tube are transmitted (as pressure) through the Pressure Chamber into the Diaphragm of the ASI. The Diaphragm is a very pressure sensitive component and is the part that is responsible for our ASI needle in the end. The static holes depicted on the Pitot-Tube have nothing to do with the Static Line (blue color).

For your Info and to avoid any confusion: Some Pitot-Tubes include a Static-Hole that substitutes/replaces a ''static port' normally found on/around the fuselage.


The Static-Port (thin piece of metal with a tiny hole) receives Outside Air Pressure (undisturbed air) at all times, which is transmitted to all 3 Instruments. In order to ensure this kind of pressure it is located on the outer skin of the fuselage.

That way it remains unaffected from direct airflow (dynamic pressure)

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