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Attitude Instrument Flying

These pictures represent the Primary & Supporting Instruments for your Flight.
'Attitude Instrument Flying' becomes especially important during IMC conditions.

These maneuvers and/or procedures will usually be thoroughly practised throughout your training for Instrument Rating. The goal is, to give you a good routine in flying by reference to Instruments only!
After gaining some experience, these skills will become easier, and at some point, almost normal for you! Simulator Training as well as Real Flight Instruction is probably the best practice for these skills.

TIP: If you try to remember your Primary Instrument, the Supporting Instrument should be easy to remember, as they don't do anything else, but give you similar information to what you are looking for in your Primary Instruments. In other words, they support that information.

Straight & Level Flight - Primary for Pitch = ALT;

Supporting = VSI/AI (both give you Pitch info as well, right?!)

Overview/Reference Primary -VS- Supporting Instruments

To all Students,

I know this seems like a lot and to one or another this may seem confusing. Here's my recommendation on it:

The goal should be to understand what information each instrument really gives you, specially in case you lose one.
If you have this undetstanding, most of this table or paper is almost self-explanatory and will probably come naturally to you.
Therefore, I suggest to use it as a reference to review the topic and practise it as much as you can.

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