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3 Different ILS Approaches

Dependent Parallel Approach

- RWY's centerlines must be separated by

at least 2.500 ft

- A/C must be separate diagonally by

a minimum of 1-1/2 nm.


- A/C must be separated by 2nm diagonally for RWY centerlines separated between

4,300ft and 9,000ft – WITHOUT a final monitoring by ATC

- separation is provided by radar



> NTZ → No Transgression Zone

> NOZ → Normal Operating Zone

Simultaneous Parallel Approach

- RWY centerline separation between 4.300 and 9.000ft WITH a final monitor ATC.

(ATC eliminates the need for staggered appr)

- no diagonal separation required


final monitor ATC advises pilots IF deviating from the LOC course.



Triple Simultaneous Approaches

- are authorized if RWY CTL's are separated by at least 5.000 ft and are below 1000 ft MSL


- ASR monitoring or high update radar with final monitoring aid is required

Simultaneous Close (indep.) Parallel Approach PRM

Precision Runway Monitor

- for parallel RWY's with a separation between 3.400 ft and 4.300 ft


The PRM system contains a high-update radar

with a one second interval

position and velocity is updated every second


- Appr requires an approriate system and controller as well as two tower frequencies


- special crew training is required for P121/135 (FAA)

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