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Welcome to Instrument Flight Review. The idea of this website and content is to share my experience and knowledge with you, no matter if you want to refresh/review your knowledge on Instrument Flying or maybe carry the thought of starting your Instrument Rating in the (near) future. So hopefully, you'll find something helpful to you. All content, with some exceptions, has been created by me. If you'd like to give me a Feedback or have a question, I'd be happy to hear from you!

***Besides videos, a lot of the content you find here, will look better on a big screen.


Collection of all (educational) 

video content.

FlightSim Videos

Collection of all RedBird Simulation Flights (C-172)

GPS Navigation

All about GPS-Navigation

& Systems

All about airplanes' Instruments & Systems, like ASI, ALT, VSI, Pitot-Static-System, etc...

Attitude Instrument Flying

All about BAI. incl. some Training/Memorization aids


IFR/VFR-Phraseology (samples), ICAO-English Test, Aviation English,  etc.  


What is a Holding-Pattern, How to fly it?, etc...

Learn with Slideshows

Incl. quizzes to test your general understanding of different topics.

Latest Video...

... & More!